Dealing With Increased Interest Rate Volatility? Diverse Opinions from Five Veteran Bond Managers.

With the increased volatility in interest rates, it appears investor uncertainty is also on the rise. Since hitting a recent low of 1.36% back in July 2016, the rate on the 10-Year U.S. Treasury...

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Time to Play it Safe? Insights on Interest Rate Risk

At Bramshill Investments, we believe relative value and risk reward matter. There are times to take risk, and there are times to play it safe. Safe is sounding good to us at the moment. Given our...

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Active Management vs. Passive Investing

The debate on active vs passive management has never been this hot. Lately, everywhere you turn someone is writing about the net flows and growth of passive investing. The Wall Street Journal...

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Got Quality Yield? Why Break-Even (Yield / Duration) Matters

At Bramshill Investments, we manage absolute return solutions in fixed income and income producing assets. Our philosophy of relative value investing in income-producing securities leads us to...

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Got Quality Yield? Five Metrics for Fixed Income Investors

For fixed income investors, the desire for yield has been all encompassing. With yields at zero (or worse), many RIAs have expanded their search for yield into every asset class and every...

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Bramshill Charts: Is Your Tactical Fixed Income Fund Too Large to Be Tactical?

In last week’s blog on liquidity risk in high yield and fixed income, we discussed Third Avenue’s recent lock-up and why liquidity is a concern now, more than ever. At Bramshill Investments, we...

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4 Reasons to Reconsider Passive Investing in Fixed Income

At Bramshill Investments, an asset manager offering absolute return solutions in fixed income and income producing assets, clients often ask us our perspectives on various sectors or vehicles in...

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Searching for Yield? Listen to Stephen Selver on Bloomberg Radio

Bloomberg Radio Interview with Stephen Selver, CEO, Bramshill Investments

Stephen Selver joins host Cory Johnson to share his market insights on where to invest in credit markets today.

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Advisor Demand Leads Bramshill Investments to Market New Mutual Fund

Absolute return fixed income specialist retains Havener Capital Partners.

As advisors search for solutions in this yield-starved environment, Bramshill Investments announces a new mutual fund as...
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