Market Insights from the Bramshill Investments Team.

Does Your Tactical Bond Manager Avoid Equity Market Drawdowns?

WHY NOT ALL TACTICAL BOND MANAGERS ARE CREATED EQUAL. The more conversations we have with fixed income investors, the more we keep realizing how different we are from the crowd. While the intricacies ...

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Flattening Yield Curve: Recession Signal or False Flag? Why We’re Watching Financials

Some market participants have expressed concern about the flattening yield curve. They have noticed the flattening occurring in the U.S. Treasury yield curve and have proclaimed that a recession is ...

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How Tight Credit Spreads Could Result in Higher Correlations and Increased Drawdown Risk

Fixed income investors who have made significant allocations to investment grade corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and high yield corporate debt may be surprised by negative total returns when ...

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Fixed Income Asset Class Review

In preparation for our quarterly webinars with RIAs, family offices, and institutional investors, the team at Bramshill pulls together interesting market charts, macroeconomic statistics, and micro ...

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Fixed Income Sector Flows During Q3 – Interesting Revelations and Few Surprises

We love analyzing sector flows within the bond market. It removes the noise of the talking heads and reveals how investors are actually allocating their fixed income portfolios. Below we review the ...

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Could Investors Get Hurt in High Yield?

The Bloomberg Barclays US Corporate High Yield Index currently is yielding approximately 5.50%, or 400bps in spread. The green arrow illustrates where the high yield market is currently priced and ...

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Risk and Reward in Fixed Income Investments: Low Yield and Rising Duration

The above chart gives you a good idea of one the reasons we think the way we do at Bramshill Investments. As you probably noticed, the yield on the Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Bond Index (AGG) has ...

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Bramshill Charts: Price Deterioration from Rising Interest Rates

Investors are actively searching for yield while focusing on both interest rate risk management and credit risk management. With rates so low (sub-zero in many parts of the world), what is the ...

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