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Fixed Income Asset Class Review

Posted by Bramshill Investments Team on October 31, 2017

In preparation for our quarterly webinars with RIAs, family offices, and institutional investors, the team at Bramshill pulls together interesting market charts, macroeconomic statistics, and micro level data on asset classes and securities.

Below is a sneak peek of two of the slides we will be discussing on our webinar tomorrow November 1 @1pm ET.

Given that many of our investors also develop capital market outlooks on the five asset classes in which we invest: investment grade, high yield, municipals, preferreds and US Treasuries, we will spend time on the webinar discussing our general views on those asset classes. We also provide insights into where we are seeing the most compelling risk reward opportunities, but are awaiting better entry points.

We hope you find the below charts useful in your work. If you would like to join our call, please register here.  



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