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Bramshill Investments Nominated for Two Hedge Fund Awards

Posted by Bramshill Investments Team on September 28, 2018

Alternative fixed income manager nominated second time for two hedge fund awards.

Hackensack, NJ (September 27, 2018) – The Income Performance Strategy from Bramshill Investments has been nominated a second time for two awards from HFMWeek's US Hedge Fund Performance Awards 2018. The nominations are in the following two categories: Credit long term performance under $1 billion, and 40 Act Credit. 

Bramshill’s Income Performance Strategy was spun out of an absolute return fixed income strategy managed by Bramshill Founder and CIO, Art DeGaetano, while at GLG Partners and has a track-record dating back to 2009. Since 2009, the Strategy has delivered an annualized net return of 7.37% and a cumulative total net return of 98.89%. 

Bramshill believes the current positive economic outlook is favorable for risk assets. At this point in the cycle, the firm has favored taking credit risk over rate risk. This has allowed the 2018 Hedge Fund Award Nomination Promo Pic-2strategy to significantly outperform in this challenging environment for fixed income. Due to the high credit quality and low duration of the strategy, Bramshill has been able to capture income while not being impacted by the rate volatility seen thus far in 2018. Bramshill has accomplished this by selecting credits and industries that benefit in the event of a rise in rates. This approach has led to the recognition from HFMWeek and from investors as the Firm’s AUM has grown to $1.45 billion as of 8/31/2018. Bramshill manages its strategies in both separately managed accounts and mutual funds.

"We are proud to be recognized again." said Art DeGaetano, CIO and Founder of Bramshill Investments.  "Our team is excited about the prospects that we see unfolding in the fixed income markets. Our absolute return mindset should allow us to capture future mispricing's." 

For more information about the strategy, please contact Bramshill Investments at 201-708-8150 / 

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The award nominations should not be construed as an endorsement or testimonial of Bramshill’s Investment advisory services and past performance may not be indicative of future results. Bramshill is an investment adviser that offers its strategies in separately managed account and mutual fund format. Entry is available to U.S. and Canadian managers that have a minimum 36-month track record ending, pay an application fee and submit performance data to HFM for consideration. A judging panel consisting of HFM representations, institutional/private investors and industry experts will judge the applicants based on performance, qualitative information and structural criteria. Investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal, and there can be no assurance that any particular product or strategy will prove profitable. The return since inception refers to the net performance of the Bramshill Income Performance strategy from inception to August 2018. The Firm’s CIO and Founder began managing the strategy in January 2009, while associated with an unaffiliated investment firm, and transitioned the strategy to Bramshill upon its founding in May 2012.

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