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Trump vs. Powell

One major battle we are watching closely in the second half of 2018 is the epic tug of war playing out between the economic forces of the competing actions taken by President Donald Trump and Federal ...

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2018 June Portfolio Commentary

BRAMSHILL BLOG:  From the Desk of Art DeGaetano  The Bramshill Income Performance Strategy produced a positive total return of +0.44% for the month putting our YTD returns at +2.29%.  June proved to ...

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How will Interest Rates React to Commodity Price Inflation?

If commodity price inflation continues, how will interest rates react? We have been debating this question internally for a while now as it has meaningful consequences across asset classes. For fixed ...

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The End of TINA

Remember “TINA,” that catchy acronym standing for “there is no alternative?” It was constantly being used to justify why equities were the only logical destination for your investment dollars. After ...

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Grant's Interest Rate Observer

Grant's Interest Rate Observer interviewed Bramshill on March 9, 2018. The full article is below or you may click here to view as a PDF.   While you wait Something beyond the grudging yield on Warren ...

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What if Bonds are NOT the Negatively Correlated Asset?

Let’s play out a “What If” scenario. What if, during the next major equity bear market, bonds (and their brethren, bond funds) are NOT the negatively correlated assets that they have typically been ...

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Our 3 Most Popular Blog Posts from 2017

Happy New Year! We sincerely appreciate you for reading our thoughts on the market. We hope this information has been useful. Below, we have highlighted our top 3 most popular blog posts from 2017. ...

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Does Your Tactical Bond Manager Avoid Equity Market Drawdowns?

WHY NOT ALL TACTICAL BOND MANAGERS ARE CREATED EQUAL. The more conversations we have with fixed income investors, the more we keep realizing how different we are from the crowd. While the intricacies ...

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Flattening Yield Curve: Recession Signal or False Flag? Why We’re Watching Financials

Some market participants have expressed concern about the flattening yield curve. They have noticed the flattening occurring in the U.S. Treasury yield curve and have proclaimed that a recession is ...

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How Tight Credit Spreads Could Result in Higher Correlations and Increased Drawdown Risk

Fixed income investors who have made significant allocations to investment grade corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and high yield corporate debt may be surprised by negative total returns when ...

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