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2019 January Portfolio Commentary

Posted by Bramshill Investments Team on February 13, 2019

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In one of the best months since inception, the Bramshill Income Performance Strategy performed very well in January, up +3.77%. If you recall, we had positioned the portfolio defensively in the second half of 2018.   We were cautiously awaiting an opportunity in the credit markets. 

In mid-December, we were in a position to allocate significant capital as prices in credit had moved substantially lower. The portfolio benefited from this opportunistic rotation out of cash/ST US Treasuries into preferreds and closed end funds. In particular, we benefited from positions in the financial sector which generally reported better than expected earnings and healthy balance sheets.

Prices in the credit markets moved up rapidly in January. We began January with the following allocations (approximately): 54% preferred securities; 12% high yield corporates; 11% municipal bonds (via closed end funds); 10% investment grade corporates; 9.5% cash/ST US Treasuries and a 2.5% interest rate hedge. As prices moved higher during January, we took profits on our high yield exposure which we reduced from 12% to 8.4%, and our preferred exposure which we reduced from 54% to 49.5%. Cash and ST Treasuries moved from 9.5% up to 17.5% during the month.

We continue to be constructive on economic growth even with somewhat subdued expectations. Default risk in the corporate sector should remain low. We continue to maintain a defensive posture with regard to long-term interest rates. Although the Federal Reserve has indicated its willingness to slow the pace of its tightening, record deficit spending, fiscal expansion and record low unemployment remain as headwinds for interest rates. Therefore, we are focused on positions which are less sensitive to interest rates. The market seems content with the current level of interest rates, yet we envision long-term rates moving higher throughout the year. Our current duration on the portfolio is 0.71 years. The yield on our portfolio is still attractive at 5.45% yield to maturity and we have not sacrificed credit quality (currently average rating of BBB). We are optimistic for our strategy this year as we believe the current credit environment is ripe with opportunities.


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