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2018 July Portfolio Commentary

Posted by Bramshill Investments Team on August 16, 2018

BRAMSHILL BLOG:  From the Desk of Art DeGaetano

The Bramshill Income Performance Strategy returned +0.46% net in July, contributing to a +2.72% YTD total return. In July, interest rate volatility continued to weigh on many fixed income assets as the 10-year US Treasury yield moved 14 bps higher on the month. This has been the biggest impediment to fixed income returns this year.  However, corporate bond spreads tightened on the month as they recovered from extreme levels.  We still favor credit risk over interest rate risk because the US economy has demonstrated consistent strength even in the face of potential trade wars and emerging market uncertainty.   We believe such volatility, which has been pervasive this year, highlights the advantages of active management. 

In terms of asset class exposure, we made very few adjustments to the portfolio in July.  Our largest allocation remains in fixed to float preferred securities at 40% of the portfolio.  However, we did partially exit a portion of this alloca­tion as we took profits in a few names which had reached peak valuations.  Some of these names have tightened significantly over the past few months which has spurred our caution.  Our high yield allocation remained consistent at 14% of the portfolio. High yield performed well in July as corporate profits remain robust.  The majority of this allocation continues to be in floating rate loan closed end funds.  

Our investment grade allocation remained at 3% of the portfolio. Although IG corporates performed well last month, we believe this sector remains too rate sensitive for a meaningful allocation.  We still have minimal municipal exposure due to the significant rate sensitivity, unattractive yields and significant pension issues in that market.  We have allocated marginally to some municipal closed end funds which have significant discounts to NAV and have been the victim of retail outflows this year. We also increased our US Treasury hedge from 2% to 6% of the portfolio to account for this closed end fund exposure.  Our short-term US Treasury allocation is now approximately 30% of the portfolio.

Our portfolio duration moved down slightly in June from 1.65 years to 0.53 years while the portfolio maintained a yield to worst of 3.91% (current yield 4.30%). Overall, we will need a better risk/reward return opportunity to present itself in these fixed income asset classes for us to reallocate and shift the portfolio to a more aggressive profile.

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