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2019 July Portfolio Commentary

Posted by Bramshill Investments Team on August 13, 2019

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The Bramshill Income Performance Strategy produced a total return of +0.68% in July, putting our YTD returns at +7.93%. All liquid markets experienced significant volatility in July due to many conflicting headlines regarding China, Brexit, and the Federal Reserve.

Recently we stated in our Quarterly Letter, “As we position our portfolios for the 2nd half of 2019, our investment team is highly focused on our internal liquidity analysis and a theme of remaining ‘nimble’.“ We explained that it is an unusual condition for risk assets to rally (S+P 500 reached an all-time high on July 26th at 3027) and US Treasury yields to experience significant declines within the same time period. As a result, our appetite for risk has been diminished in recent weeks. Recently, valuations and potential for negative market conditions for risk assets has led us to maintain caution and position the portfolio defensively.

Therefore, we made very few asset allocation changes to the portfolio in July and we allowed our liquidity position to grow. We increased our weighting to short-term US Treasuries and cash from approximately 28% to 30% of the portfolio. Our largest allocation remains in fixed to float preferred securities at 39% of the portfolio. We purchased a new issue in ALL 5.10% PFD and we reduced positions in VLY and CFG preferred securities. One shift of note, we reduced our allocation to municipal closed end funds during the month.

If you recall, when we allocated to these funds in 4Q18, they were trading at the biggest discounts to NAV in the past 5 years and offered very attractive yields (approximately 6%) relative to corporate bonds. In 2019, many of these funds have posted total returns in excess of +15% YTD. Due to their performance and relative value at this time, we reduced these municipal closed end fund positions steadily in recent weeks. Our exposure to these funds now represents an approximate 7% allocation within the Strategy down from 9.5% earlier in the month. High yield corporate and investment grade corporate exposure each remained stable at 9.5%, respectively this month. Our portfolio yield to worst remains attractive at 3.85% (4.61% current yield). Increased volatility in the credit and rate markets will likely lead to better entry points for risk in the coming weeks.

We are paying close attention to economic data, the changing language of the Fed as well as trade negotiations. We will likely stagger our entry points for risk in all fixed income over the next couple months.

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